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Pinball Wizard

As Daltrey says, "when someone praises Jimi Hendrix and how he played the guitar in Monterey, I always have to stand up and remind them that The Who had already used distortion before." I don't think anybody must defend them, cause their records speak for themselves. Any fan who worth his salt knows the truth.
As most of us, the first song I heard by The Who was My Generation. But then, I began researching about them, wanting to know more about their career and their songs. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I listened to Tommy, watched Quadrophenia, read interviews and I started to really admire them. The mod attitude is spellbinding and the rock opera must be the best music genre ever.
Pete Townshend's lyrics, Roger Daltrey's voice, John Entwistle's pose and Keith Moon's drumming. They are charming. Well, charming is not the best adjective for a rock band. Let's say they are incredible, innovative and unique. They aren't just a band. They are a British icon, the stamp of a generation, the mod parents.

Here's my favourite song: Pinball Wizard, live at the Isle Of Wight Festival, in the UK in 1970.



Jimmy, the main character of Quadrophenia, became a mod idol and a role model for a whole generation. His clothes and attitude inspire loads of young people.

Mod Style

Above, Twiggy, a skinny model and the first "it girl".
Obviously, today sounds The Who's greatest hit, My Generation. You can listen to it here.
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