lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012


Anyone who thinks that knows something about fashion must follow MAFFASHION, a blog which is in the top ten of the fashion blogs. Juliett Kucynska runs it, and she is simply awesome. She is beautiful, stylish and a trendsetter. The way she dresses, the way she lives, her eyes, her hair... Everything about her is just charming.
She is the most inspiring girl for me, like a modern it girl. She is not a Victoria angel, she is not a cheerleader, she is the kind of girl your parents don't want you to meet. A rebel behind a pretty blond hair. Juliett is so down to earth and confident, and can look gorgeous either in jeans and a jumper or in a designer dress. She can wear either vertigo high-heels or sneakers. Multifaceted and talented, she is a blogger and a muse. She colaborates with a lot of brands, like Black Milk, Mango, H&M or Sanoflore. You can usually spot her in magazines like KMAG.
You can follow her in Facebook, bloglovin, her Youtube channel, Lookbook dot nu and Instagram (@maffashion_official).
It's impossible to choose among her photos, because they are all stunning. But I have chosen some of them to urge you to look for more.

Tonight we listen to Foals. They are a rock band from Oxford. I discovered them through Skins' soundtrack, their debut album was released on March, 2008. Its title is Antidotes and I love all the songs in them, it's so relaxing, the perfect background to prim oneself up. You can listen the full album here. My favourite song in it is Hummer (47:39).

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