jueves, 30 de agosto de 2012

Diamonds are forever

I have been thinking about a good title for this new blog. Both Arctic Monkeys and Wildfox Couture inspired me this Diamonds are forever.

Arctic Monkeys' song Diamonds are forever is hugely inspiring and deep. Don't worry, tears will dry after listening to it. You can listen to it here.
Wildfox Couture is an American vintage-inspired women's knitwear brand. Combining great style and quality, it quickly gained a following amongst celebrities, bloggers and trendsetters worldwide. Childhood friends Emily Faulstich and Kimberly Gordon created it, being inspired by sleepovers, magic, fairies, beautiful books, dreams, vintage T-shirts and, above all, they friendship. They say Wildfox is for dreamers, for lovers, for skinny dippers, for barefoot explorers, for late night chocolate eaters.

The brand new swim collection is out this month, so I want it to share with you. Ladies and gentlemen, Diamonds are forever, by Wildfox Couture.

I love how the model, Cintia Dicker, looks like Lana del Rey in this photoshoot.


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