viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

The Boxing Plot

Although I don't want this blog to be only a fashion blog, today I want to share my winter inspirations and wish list.

First of all, I want to introduce a new Irish band, The Boxing Plot, who will surely bring something new to the music scene. You can discover them here in their SoundCloud and listen to their first studio single, Nine.

I don't have a defined style when it's about dressing, but I like to combine adolable Zooey Deschanel - inspired items with Skins clothing, mixing very cute shorts with rock T-shirts, lovely dresses with Dr. Martens and boy shirts with Hepburn's sunglasses. I love vintage clothing, Coachella hippie-inspired style. I also try to say something about me with every outfit, I try to put across my thoughts or my way to see the world, which changes every day.

This winter, my objective is to find very special garments in Barcelona and stand out in the crowd, who wear Rihanna-inspired and American-rock-bands-they-have-never-heard T-shirts this season.

#1 Black Doctor Martens

#2 Country Belts

#3 High-waist Jeans

#4 Animal patterned T-shirts

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